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Setsucon 2013: Video, Newspapers, and Podcasts- OH MY!

3 Feb

This past weekend the Ladies of Antipode & our guest dancers performed at Setsucon 2013! The main stage show theme this year was “The Great Race”; our take on Chinese New Years! Currently the video and photos are being processed (will be posted this week!), as well as media from our meet and greet (including a group sword piece to Red XIII’s Theme). It was a blast!

Our new PR rep & new member of Antipode, Darling Stewie, worked overtime this con! She helped organize video, newspaper, and podcast interviews for the Troupe! Before in the past, we never set one girl aside to do media relations. We always focused on make-up, music, or stage setup: of course making the show look good is the number one priority, but we rarely got to see any footage or photos after the show! We’d be so busy with tear down of the stage, we’d never even get business cards of photographers! With having one lady in charged, it really streamlined the process- as well as gave us a set a schedule for PR that weekend. While performing, you never get to see what the whole show really looks like; video and photos are not the same as a live show, but it’s the closest you can get to the audience’s view. You put so much hard work into the show, you should make sure you can enjoy it too! Nothing feels like watching the show you created, and listening to the audience laugh, cheer, and gasp.

Check out our interviews, after the Jump!

IMG_4032 copy

The main ladies of Antipode were featured in an article by the Collegian!

The Collegian also mentioned Antipode in their main Setsucon Article

The Hilarious Comedian, Uncle Yo also did a podcast with Antipode about the importance of Strong Female Figures in geek culture. The podcast will be posted once I receive a link!

Nathan Raupach did a Flickr photo set for us, you can check out more of his work a naterpix.com


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ANTIPODE to Perform at Setsucon!

17 Jan


New year, New look, New website!

10 Jan
Howdy all! Ayla here, back from a busy dance season… Ready to start a new year & season!

Geekbellydance.com is getting a facelift this month as the new year is here! Well, Gregorian calendar new year. The lunar new year will be Febuary 10th, so expect a special report on that to follow soon.

What’s new? Well for the past months the girls of Antipode have been blessed with a busy and extended dance season: including shows for conventions, LARPs, and classy night clubs in Manhattan! It’s been a fun year.

I, Ayla, will be writing reviews on the events we have attended (for dancing and for spectating) and of course posting videos and pictures! Don’t worry, I’ll also be posting soon about current events in play. Hope to see you here!

What else is new? Darling Stewie is making a new website for my Cosplay & Bellydance troupe, Antipode! http://antipodebellydance.com/

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PSSSST! I tried out a new Makeup technique, like it? If you like the shot, it was taken by https://www.facebook.com/canarycottage

RECAP! Rakkasah Spring Caravan 2012 (Accio Belly Dance: Harry Potter and the Bothering of Snape)

17 May

WHERE DID APRIL GO?! Eh, I’ve been a bad kid with some internet issues for the past month… so let’s post “ALL THE ARTICLES”  I’ve wrote for the past month in one day! Huzzah!


Two weekends ago was Rakkasah Spring Caravan near NYC.


As mentioned in previous posts, there are 4 Rakkasah events, each unique and different on their own.

Rakkasah West” in California in March.

Rakkasah East” in Somerset NJ in October.

Rakkasah Winter Moon” in California in Jan/Feb.

Rakkasah Spring Caravan” in Somerset NJ in April/May.

Rakkasah Spring Caravan is a belly dance fusion festival/convention in Somerset NJ (Rak East is more for the “traditional” style Bdance). Last year we performed a 7 min version of “Super Mario Belly Dance World”. This year we performed “Accio Belly Dance! Harry Potter and the Bothering of Snape”.

It was so much fun! We set up the dance to be in a “double potions class” with Slytherin & Gryffindor students with Snape as the professor. When class is over, Snape was supposed to touch his dark mark while Harry’s Scar is reacting, all for Moldy-Voldy to come out and battle Harry. Snape was supposed to come in at the end and do the spin sequence with two fanveils in the middle of the battle… but sadly 2 weekends before Termariel broke her foot! Eep! I had to step in and do Termariel part, and rewrite the story a bit. I think it still turned out great! In the video you can’t tell, but when we came out for the 1st song everyone was SUPER confused and muttering- “Are they witches? Are those wands? Is that Harry Potter?” wondering what was going on. During the 2nd song when the theme for HP came on, it was hilarious that quite a few people started to laugh or scream out as they realized we were doing Harry Potter (one of those light bulb/ “Ah-ha!” moments). For the 3rd song, “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” I was a bit nervous and trying hard to suppress a laugh- especially when a woman shouted “I LOVE SNAPE”, my beat was definitely thrown off. Totally worth it.

After our performance Anasma (left) went on  she did a cat themed belly dance, I can’t explain how amazing her style of dance is! She bring comedy to the dance world, and we love to help out!

We were also invited to dance in the Penn State Belly Dance Club time slot that night. Merika & I did a Poi & Double veil duet (respectfully). It was a bit of a stressful weekend jammed with workshops everyday, practice, amazing shows, shopping, and 2 performances… but it was fun.

I’ll have to post the Professional Photos when I get them! 😀

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P.S. We got our photo in another blog! ..and now that I put up the 4th post that I’ve been slacking on- it’s time to read Nara’s posts! Huzzah!

Penn State Raqs: PSU BDC Hafla Spring ’12

17 May

WHERE DID APRIL GO?! Eh, I’ve been a bad kid with some internet issues for the past month… so let’s post “ALL THE ARTICLES”  I’ve wrote for the past month in one day! Huzzah!


So a few weekends ago I went back to my Alma mater,PennState, to perform at the Penn State Belly Dance Club annual Hafla.


Antipode performed “Harry Potter and the Belly Dance” (Harry BOTHER! And the Belly Dance). It’s still a working title. ^_~ Sadly, Termariel broke her other foot at LARP the weekend before (Note: AFTER the event was over. Sigh, poor girl). I had to step in last min for this show. (You’ll get more details in the next post!)

***Alumni SOLO:

From some issues that I had to take care of, sadly I didn’t really have enough time to work on my solo (which originally was supposed to be an Alumni Group Piece). I decided to impromptu quite a bit of it- since I love the music. I have practiced zilling to the base beat; it’s stead and not too fast for my novice zill hands. I sometimes switch it up to the melody, or certain rythms I’m learning.

Maybe if I have a set choreography, I could even take it to a competition! There might need to be a few more musicality changes though, and I am pretty rough in the video (my posture!)… hum.


Here is a version of a Cane Piece NARA and I choreographed, as our first duet. We were flat mates in college (lived in a few dorms down). She has an AMAZING BLOG, and runs Tiger Claw Belly Dance Studio about how to improve yourself as a dancer (and she’s also who got me into Doctor Who).

***Zombie Nation

Here is a beginner piece I wrote to Zombie Nation, since ZN is one ofPennState’s Foose ball tailgating songs. They used it as the closing piece, and had Sesquhenna dance it with us. (Technical difficulties in the beginning, sad panda.)

*** Over all there were many wonderful dances that I got to watch, especially “Just One Thing“! Such a lovely Trio.

The other guests, Susquehanna Belly Dance Club, were such a wonderful group of girls (and good dancers too!).

It was fun, and entertaining… and really nice we had live drumming as our curtain call.  I got to spoon!

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LARPy-LARP: Belly Dancing & Merry Making

17 May

WHERE DID APRIL GO?! Eh, I’ve been a bad kid with some internet issues for the past month… so let’s post all of the articles I’ve wrote for the past month in one day! Huzzah!


In the last post I talked about my first event & the Photos of LARP; how about I talk about the dancing at the last event I attended in April!

The village Wyvern Rising usually takes place in a town called “Corsotha”. It recently has been taken under the rule of an Empress. In order to “aid” the economy an NPC (non-playable-character), a Lord actually, has come in offering “jobs or quests”. You can “buy” a task for a small sum, (wrote on a piece of parchment). Once you have completed the task at hand, you will be rewarded a larger amount (also on the parchment).

Coincidentally one of the “jobs” was “to provide singing, music, dancing, and merry-making for the b-day of a 12 year old boy”.

Termariel and I snatched up the quest, and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase our “Merry Making” skills. Luckily Termariel had a brown choli for me to use over my snake skin costume.

I told Termariel I had a few “items” we could use in my car. A joke in the belly dance community says “A real belly dancer always has a Costume, Makeup, Music Player, and Zills (as well as other props) in her trunk in case she has to do a last minute show”. Well I had 2 swords, 3 isis wings, 2 pairs of fan veils, 2 dozen veils, 2 drums, 2 sets of Turkish spoons, a CD player, and an iPOD player… hahahaha- but no zills.

They also have the joke, “How many costumes does a dancer need? …Just one more!

We grabbed the fire fan veils, two rectangular veils, a gold set ofISISwings, the drums, the spoons, and a sword. Termariel went and retrieved her large flute (Maki Junior). By the time we got back, we realized most of the town was part way through “the feast”. And we had no time to practice. Whoops. Termariel was quick on her feet, and came up with a set list. After grabbing some food to eat later, we searched for the “Birthday boy”. He wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Ut-oh. We were worried staff had forgot about our arrangement. After moving some tables around though, the “boy” appeared and we were able to start.

I was super surprised that most of the town (all the players) had stuck around in their seats to watch the performance. O_O;;

The performance was made up of quite a few short songs: We played drums together to start off. Then Termariel played the flute & Drummed as I did fan veils, veil, spoons/drum solo type dancing, and of course sword dancing (poorisiswings were left out!). We had a pause in our dancing as two Elves told a wonderful translated story (Wyvern has a lexicon for one of the Races of Elves!).

We ended the performance asking the crowd what prop they’d like to see us use again and dance to, together. We let some of our friends play drums, and we entertained the crowd. Termariel character plays an Elf that has an interesting way to dance, doing such moves as “The Leaf” or “The Twig”. I got one of the guys, who’s character had never seen a woman, to mimic my moves- I won’t lie, his facial expressions slayed the room. I wish someone had taken photos of video, it was priceless.

Even though we did get the crowd at one point to clap along with us, the most outrageous/ intense reactions were to the “traditional” birthday boy spankings for every year. With a Ductape/foam ax.  Win.

Interestingly enough we did have many characters tip us (all in game coins, that look like arcade tokens) & I finally got to do the stereotypical turban head wrap with my veil on the B-day boys head. Hahahaha. Cheesy to the max.

I wonder if this means my character will be invited to dancing more often… I know Termariel , Merika, and I will be performing as NPCs  in a special “Combat lite” event; it should be a festival atmosphere! Huzzah! A bard at last!

Even though my favorite bard song is about “Brave Brave Brave, Brave Sir Robin… when danger reared it’s ugly head, sir Robin tucked his tail and fled…” ❤ Monty Python

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Belly Dance Super Stars: Club Bellydance in Albany!

30 Mar

Club Belly Dance in Albany, with the Belly Dance Super Stars!

(Habibia & some of The Belly Dance Super Stars)

This past Saturday Habibia hosted the Belly Dance Super Stars for their “Club Belly Dance” performance. It featured Sabah, Moria, Stefanya, Sabrina, Lauren… and surprise guest Petite Jamilla as well as a slew of local troupes. I was a bit sad that they didn’t have time for another dancer (myself-hahahaha) to join in, but I won’t lie- it was a VERY full first half show. I think the local dancers took about 1.5 hours, while the “pros” only had a 45min spot. Besides, many of the troupes had excellent dancers I would have missed out on! It was nice to have a “look” at all of the Albany/Saratoga local dancers, and take a peek at who would be best to take workshops or lessons from (or what troupe to try to join, hehehe).

Interestingly enough, I found out there is a local Romani Dancer (well local as in her and her teacher are an hour north), and a very cool hip-hop-tribal-fusion group (Nataraja), as well as Tempeststarii Tribal that I’ve heard of before. I also met a lovely girl (Bug Eye Photography) who showed me some trick for photography- and a lovely crew of beginners. I told them about Rakkasah East 🙂 I left my information with Habibia, hopefully she will give me heads up of the next local hafla; Maybe then I can get my feet wet and show them my stuff 😉 (Good or bad, hahahahaha!)

I was surprise most of the cabaret dancers from BDSS were doing more Baladi Style dance for their solos, but I was happy Lauren danced to Fakerni (Hafia Wehebe, makes my heart jump… This song was the first Lebanese piece I ever danced to <3)! They also danced to Adir Adirim in a playful style of Cabaret Vs Tribal Fusion “battle”, of course with Romani moves (yum!).

The most interesting piece, to me, was “A On A Igra” which I personally thought had a modern Egyptian and Spanish flare to it. Why was it so interesting? I like those styles MUCH less than say Turkish Oryantal, Folkloric Egyptian, American Cabaret, or Tribal Fusion! I loved every minuet of it.

Watching these inspiring, crisp, and clean performances makes me what to advance my dance to the next level! I got a fire lit under my bum, and I will practice practice practice so I can make my dance look that good!

Poor Sabah suffered from a mild allergy attack, but luckily my keychain Zyrtec container was able to help her out. I took one too, that room was full or perfume! I never understood why women dump the stuff on them, I don’t think anyone can smell you dance from the stage! haha! ^_~ Belly Dancers Bonding over Meds? Haha, I’m just pleased she’s down to earth enough to ask me my name and to thank me formally for the meds!

Habibia (Top Left),  Sabah and I (Above)

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