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I ❤ Geek Bellydance

To contact Antipode, please email AntipodeBellyDance@gmail.com OR go to our New Website: www.Antipodebellydance.com

Antipode has been performing since 2006 at conventions across the east coast- Fusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture and off beat humor, Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment.

Antipode is mainly composed of Ayla (Head choreographer), Termariel (Head Impromptu Actress), Merika (Head Costumer). We added our latest member, Ahava in Winter 2012! We of course have special guest all the time depending on the show, location, & enthusiasm. Interested in dancing with us? Send us a message!

Interested in having us perform at your convention or show? Send us a message!

IMG_0061_2 (1)

Ayla, Termariel, and Merika

Rakassah Spring Caravan 2012: Merika, Ahava, Sami, Cassie, Pemmi, Katie, and Ayla

Rakkasah 2011 Merika & Ayla

Rakkasah 2011 Merika & Ayla

Ayla, & Termariel

Setsucon 2012 with Cassie, Stephanie, Pemmi, Ayla, Termariel, Merika, Katie, and Sami

Rakkasah Spring Caravan 2011 with Pemmi, Dom, Abby, Ayla, Termariel, Merika, Dilly, Nat, & Alyssa.

triple Mario good version

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