LARPy-LARP: Belly Dancing & Merry Making

17 May

WHERE DID APRIL GO?! Eh, I’ve been a bad kid with some internet issues for the past month… so let’s post all of the articles I’ve wrote for the past month in one day! Huzzah!


In the last post I talked about my first event & the Photos of LARP; how about I talk about the dancing at the last event I attended in April!

The village Wyvern Rising usually takes place in a town called “Corsotha”. It recently has been taken under the rule of an Empress. In order to “aid” the economy an NPC (non-playable-character), a Lord actually, has come in offering “jobs or quests”. You can “buy” a task for a small sum, (wrote on a piece of parchment). Once you have completed the task at hand, you will be rewarded a larger amount (also on the parchment).

Coincidentally one of the “jobs” was “to provide singing, music, dancing, and merry-making for the b-day of a 12 year old boy”.

Termariel and I snatched up the quest, and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase our “Merry Making” skills. Luckily Termariel had a brown choli for me to use over my snake skin costume.

I told Termariel I had a few “items” we could use in my car. A joke in the belly dance community says “A real belly dancer always has a Costume, Makeup, Music Player, and Zills (as well as other props) in her trunk in case she has to do a last minute show”. Well I had 2 swords, 3 isis wings, 2 pairs of fan veils, 2 dozen veils, 2 drums, 2 sets of Turkish spoons, a CD player, and an iPOD player… hahahaha- but no zills.

They also have the joke, “How many costumes does a dancer need? …Just one more!

We grabbed the fire fan veils, two rectangular veils, a gold set ofISISwings, the drums, the spoons, and a sword. Termariel went and retrieved her large flute (Maki Junior). By the time we got back, we realized most of the town was part way through “the feast”. And we had no time to practice. Whoops. Termariel was quick on her feet, and came up with a set list. After grabbing some food to eat later, we searched for the “Birthday boy”. He wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Ut-oh. We were worried staff had forgot about our arrangement. After moving some tables around though, the “boy” appeared and we were able to start.

I was super surprised that most of the town (all the players) had stuck around in their seats to watch the performance. O_O;;

The performance was made up of quite a few short songs: We played drums together to start off. Then Termariel played the flute & Drummed as I did fan veils, veil, spoons/drum solo type dancing, and of course sword dancing (poorisiswings were left out!). We had a pause in our dancing as two Elves told a wonderful translated story (Wyvern has a lexicon for one of the Races of Elves!).

We ended the performance asking the crowd what prop they’d like to see us use again and dance to, together. We let some of our friends play drums, and we entertained the crowd. Termariel character plays an Elf that has an interesting way to dance, doing such moves as “The Leaf” or “The Twig”. I got one of the guys, who’s character had never seen a woman, to mimic my moves- I won’t lie, his facial expressions slayed the room. I wish someone had taken photos of video, it was priceless.

Even though we did get the crowd at one point to clap along with us, the most outrageous/ intense reactions were to the “traditional” birthday boy spankings for every year. With a Ductape/foam ax.  Win.

Interestingly enough we did have many characters tip us (all in game coins, that look like arcade tokens) & I finally got to do the stereotypical turban head wrap with my veil on the B-day boys head. Hahahaha. Cheesy to the max.

I wonder if this means my character will be invited to dancing more often… I know Termariel , Merika, and I will be performing as NPCs  in a special “Combat lite” event; it should be a festival atmosphere! Huzzah! A bard at last!

Even though my favorite bard song is about “Brave Brave Brave, Brave Sir Robin… when danger reared it’s ugly head, sir Robin tucked his tail and fled…” ❤ Monty Python

Thanks for Reading!



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